DFFL Contracts

Hello, League.

It is so great to have everyone back active with football right around the corner. College football kicks off tomorrow night, which is wild to believe. And a week from tomorrow we get real, live, regular season NFL action.

With that in mind, we need to finalize our Draft szn. With the Draft being (somewhat) successfully completed Sunday, we now turn our attention to finalizing our Contracts.

When I proposed this I promised to keep it as simple of a process as possible. I hope I deliver on that, but please accept this huge caveat: this is our first time doing this – there will be growing pains. As with everything DFFL, it ain’t gonna be perfect the first time.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get down to brass tacks.

Roster Limits

We have had roster limits since day-1, and hardly ever were they enforced. With the onset of contracts, that will change henceforth. Below is a breakdown of the max at the each position:

QB: 3

RB: 8

WR: 9

TE: 3

K: 2

IDP: 7

As you may or may not know, we have 29 roster spots. So the positional limits give you some flexibility how to set up your roster, given those total to be 32.


This is our first season with contracts. I’m excited, and you should be as well. This will not only add a fun wrinkle to our overall strategy, but also add another way to drive roster turnover – something many had called for for years.

Franchise Tags:

Of the 29 players on your roster, 27 of them will have a contract (think, term limit) to their name. Remember, 2 players will be tagged each year with the Franchise Tags. I’ve explained this before, but to be clear, that means you can “tag” two players each year, and they’ll carry over to your team – no contract needed.

Number of Contracts:

Below is the first-year breakdown of how many contracts you have to award by year:

5-year: 4

4-year: 5

3-year: 5

2-year: 6

1-year: 7*

*Note: depending on how may players are/were kept, in-season waiver adds, etc., your total number of 1-year deals isn’t likely to match 7. And that’s okay. If you’re over 7 from the Draft (Brum will be due to his huge number of Draft picks), just refrain from awarding 1-year deals to players kept.

**Note: the reason I say “first-year” above is because we’re only declaring/awarding contracts for this year. As we go forward all contracts will be based off of where a player is drafted.

Contract Sheet Notes

Behold, finally, the Contracts Sheet. This is where y’all come in.

You’ll notice a few things quickly I want to point out:

1. Each manager has their own page. You’ll assign the contracts to the players on your sheet only, under the “Keepers” section.

2. Your drafted players have already been assigned their contracts based off their draft position.

3. On the right-hand side you’ll see 2 charts. The first is the roster limits, and second your contracts.

4. When you assign a contract, you’ll simply type the years you’re assigning in the column left of the player’s name in the “YRS” column.

5. Once you’ve entered a value, the chart on the right will automatically count the number of contracts you’ve awarded for each.

5a) Example: Curlis wants to assign Odell Beckham Jr. a 5-year deal. He’ll enter “5” into the column left of the players. The chart then auto-updates to reflect “1” 5-year deal has been logged.

6. You do not need to worry about the “FA” column. I’ll update that manually. That simply reflects the year that player will be a free agent.

6a. Example: Herm assigns Sammy Watkins a 2-year deal. He’s under contract for the 2018 season, the 2019 season, and then will be a FA for the 2020 season.

7. The far right column listed as “TAG” – this will be where you enter your franchise tagged players. Simply type “Y” in that column next to the 2 players you’re tagging.

8. Once you’ve entered all the values, please shoot me a note so I can check.

9. Last and certainly up there in importance. PLEASE do not move any cells, delete anything, etc. There’s formulas I’ve entered to automatically calculate everything, so I don’t really want to have to go back over shit. Just enter the numbers, and be done.

10. Lastly, you’ll notice if you go over the thresholds for contracts, the sheet will flag it read. Please adjust accordingly to keep your contracts in check.

10a. Following the same thought process, you’ll notice that the roster limits work the same way. If you look at my tab you’ll see I need to offload 4 WR’s to get under the limit. Please work to clean these up ASAP. The Competition Committee is working on a fair due date for this.

“ALL” tab

You will see in the spreadsheet there’s a tab labeled “ALL.” That is simply a conglomeration of all the players currently on DFFL rosters. You can filter and sort as you want. Right now it’s sorted by team, but if you want to check when someone will be a FA, etc. you can do so on that tab. It is currently sorted by free agent class, by team.

The spreadsheet will be updated regularly, so this is where you can check all things contract related en mass.

The Sheet

Finally, the link to the sheet is below. Please enter your contracts directly on your tab. Your contracts are due to be entered by 11:59 PM Saturday September 1st, 2018.



If there are any questions, please feel free to call/text/email/skype/etc., and I am happy to walk thru anything.


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