2018 DFFL Mock Draft 3.0

2018 DFFL Mock Draft 3.0
Pick # Team Analyst Pick
1.1 BRUMrodKOWSKI Z. Miller Saquon Barkely, RB NYG

“Despite the fact he’s Brum, not even HE can mess this one up. Billed as a generational talent by most, I’m a little more bearish on him than some. Regardless, he’s clearly the safest, and likely best, pick in the draft. He’ll slide in perfectly at RB1 for Ty right next to…Ty Montgomery, I guess?”

1.2 Popcorn Playas M. Shontz Rashaad Penny, RB SEA

“Penny is a talented 3-down back who Pete Carroll literally might love. No true threat to prevent him from being the #1 guy and 250+ touches could cement him in PP’s lineup permanently.”

1.3 Scooter’s Squad Z. Miller Ronald Jones II, RB TB

“Man. Fuck this guy with a rusty hammer. Dude makes some shady backdoor deal #online while everyone else got connected. Will now end up with arguably the best back of the class (bold me). The bitch ass rich get richer, and can get fucking bent.”

1.4 Miller City FC M. Shontz Nick Chubb, RB CLE

“Could see MCFC go a few different routes with this pick but ultimately will not be able to resist snagging a piece of the #NewBrowns. Chubb is a safe, hometown pick who will likely need a year or two to develop behind Carlos Hyde.”

1.5 Dead Rats Walking Z. Miller DJ Moore, WR CAR

“No one improved their side more from 2016-2017 than DRW. They did so by maneuvering outside of the Draft, and now have maneuvered back into the draft by dumping AJ Green to The Don. No offense to those in charge at TD, but Rat won that trade. Adding #5 was icing. Here he gets a player #sauces tell the League Office he covets a lot, which means he’ll ultimately suck.”

1.6 HeHateMe30 M. Shontz Calvin Ridley, WR ATL

“Nobody needs a WR more badly than everyone’s favorite Miller brother. And you won’t find a more polished WR in this draft. Steps into the #2 role in Atlanta and projects to take over for Julio in the future or with injury. Solid pick.”

1.7 Scooter’s Squad Z. Miller James Washington, WR PIT

“This fucking guy again. These things write themselves. Washington apparently has had a phenomenal camp, and with Deppen taking a RB previously, a WR here makes sense. And of fucking course he’s a Steeler. Duh.”

1.8 Under Construction M. Shontz Baker Mayfield, QB CLE



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