2018 DFFL Draft Guide

Gentlemen, welcome to the official 2018 DFFL Draft Guide brought to you by the Competition Committee. Your Committee has been working diligently all off-season in preparation for what is sure to be the best DFFL season yet. Included in this Guide are important League dates, roster information, and a thorough lay-out of the contract system being implemented for this season and going forward.

Please feel free to address any questions or issues with anything in this Guide either in DFFLGM, or with a Committee Member.

2018 DFFL Competition Committee – William Anderson, Patrick Miller, Zachary Miller, Michael Shontz

The following dates are important League dates so please be sure to pay attention. The Committee unanimously voted in favor of making these dates official on the League calendar going forward and will be structured so. It is our hope this will assist in planning for roster cuts, contracts, and the draft in the future.

2018 DFFL Important League Dates

-12:00 am Wednesday, August 1st – Roster Cuts Due

-Sunday, August 26th – The DFFL Draft (time TBD)

-12:00 pm Thursday, August 30th – 2018 DFFL Schedule Released

-12:00 am Saturday, September 1st – Roster Contracts Due

Given our transition to a contract type system, we will ultimately need to assign our contracts this off-season and then any player rostered or drafted this season and going forward will be given a contract accordingly. The Committee will have a contract submission form available once roster cuts are finalized. 16 players may be kept followed by a 13 round Draft. The following table breaks down the available contracts for the 2018 DFFL off-season.

2018 DFFL Contracts
Years # of Contracts
5 4
4 5
3 5
2 6
1 7
Franchise Tag 2
Total 29


Following the 2018 season, any player added to any roster will be given a contract based on either a) draft position or b) franchise tagged after a waiver wire addition. The following 3 tables breakdown the contracts assigned to players based on draft position and age.

2019 > DFFL Contracts
Round Selected Years
1st 4
2nd-4th 3
5th-7th 2
8th and later 1


2019 > DFFL Contracts
Veterans 29 and younger
Round Selected Years
1st 4
2nd 3
3rd-4th 2
5th and later 1


2019 > DFFL Contracts
Veterans 30 and older
Round Selected Years
1st 3
2nd-4th 2
5th and later 1





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