2018 Kentucky Derby Pool

Hello, friends. For me, this weekend is a 2nd Super Bowl. Here in the Bluegrass, the Derby is taken very seriously. And in the interest of continuing the spread the DFFL-brand, why not include it in our fun?

I present to you our first ever Kentucky Derby Pool. Check it out below for the official rules.

The Field:

Below is a breakdown of the field as of this morning. I’ll update the odds on my end as we get closer to the the race.

Live Odds

Bet #1: Win

This one will be the easiest bet we’ll wager. Simply put, pick the winner. I don’t think even Brum can mess this one up.

Example: Shontz selects Magnum Moon to Win, and finishes 1st — that’s a winner.

Bet #2: Show

This is where things get a little more complicated, but not too bad. Example: Herm selects Justify to Show, and they finish 2nd. That’s a winner.Pick a horse that you believe will finish 1st, 2nd, OR 3rd.

It can be the same, or a different horse from Bet #1. Basically the horse you’re selecting for your show bet just needs to finish top-3 for it to hit.

Example: Herm selects Justify to Show, and finishes 2nd — that’s a winner.

Bet #3: Trifecta Box

Okay, this is where you’ll have to follow along a little closer. *cough* *@Brum* *cough*

Pick the horses you think will finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd. A traditional Trifecta is picking all three, in exact order. For the sake of ease we’re going to “box” it. That essentially means your three horses can finish in any order in the top-3, so long as you hit the top-3 horses. Think of it as a parlay of sorts, @Bill.

Example: Miller picks Free Drop Billy, Bravazo, and My Boy Jack as his 3 trifecta horses. And they finish 1, 2, 3 — that’s a winner.

Example 2: Same 3 horses, but Bravazo finishes 7th while the others go 1, 2 — that’s NOT a winner.


Each member will have $50 (hypothetical) dollars to wager. You can divvy up your bets however you want, but you must make bets on all three categories.

If you want to spend $45 on a Win bet, $4 on a Show and $1 on Tri — have at it! If you want to more evenly split them — you can do that as well!


Miller’s Bets:

Bet #1 Win: $15 on Magnum Moon

Bet #2 Show: $15 on Bolt d’Oro

Bet #3 Trifecta Box: $20 on Magnum Moon, Justify, Enticed

*Remember, your horse’s odds will be a large factor in determining the amount won. A Show bet returns the least because you’re more likely to hit that. While a Trifecta returns a good deal more considering it is a more complex bet. Factor that in when making your bet, along with the horse’s odds.*

Fill out the form below for your entries:


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