2018 DFFL Playoff Pick Em – Conference Championship Results


The DFFL continued with the 2018 NFL Playoff Pick Em this past weekend with the NFL moving on to the Conference Championship round of games. One of the games lived up to its billing while the other saw yet another Tom Brady late playoff game comeback. Regardless of the match up on paper, expect another quality game for Super Bowl LII.

It was a truly average weekend for the DFFL, going a combined 60-60-8. Rat continued his quest to start off the 2018 DFFL season strong with an NFLPOPE victory by going 11-4-1 on Sunday, picking up at least 3 games on everyone except yours truly. With another 32 picks scheduled for Super Bowl LII weekend, anyone inside the top 3 or 4 still has a shot at winning it all.

As a friendly reminder to the entire league, please do so this week if you have not yet submitted your DFFL Feedback form. Please contact me if you have issues or need the link resent.

2018 DFFL Conference Championship Results

Game #1 Record – Jax @ NE
Rat 7-0-1
Shontz 6-1-1
Curlis 4-3-1
Will 4-3-1
Z. Miller 4-3-1
Brum 3-4-1
Deppen 3-4-1
P. Miller 1-6-1

Not bad, Rat. Not bad.

Game #2 Record – Min @ Phi
Shontz 5-3
Brum 4-4
Rat 4-4
P. Miller 4-4
Will 4-4
Deppen 3-5
Curlis 2-6
Z. Miller 2-6

Game #2 was much less kind to the DFFL.

Conference Championship Round
Rank Manager Record
t1 Rat 11-4-1
t1 Shontz 11-4-1
3 Will 8-7-1
4 Brum 7-8-1
t5 Curlis 6-9-1
t5 Deppen 6-9-1
t5 Z. Miller 6-9-1
8 P. Miller 5-10-1

And your updated Pick Em Standings…

Overall Standings
Rank Manager Record
1 Rat 20-10-2
2 Shontz 19-11-2
3 Brum 15-15-2
t4 P. Miller 14-16-2
t4 Will 14-16-2
t6 Curlis 13-17-2
t6 Z. Miller 13-17-2
8 Deppen 12-18-2

Below is a screenshot and link of all picks from this past weekend for your viewing pleasure.

Conference Championship Picks

2018 DFFL Playoff Pick Em – Divisional Round Results

2017 DFFL NFL Playoff Pick Em Final Results
Super Bowl LII Opening Line:
Philadelphia @ New England (-6.0)


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