DFFL: A Garbage Edition


Welcome back.

Thank you.

What the fuuuuuu

I’m your bolded alter ego, don’t bold me further.

How can I bold you if you don’t exist?

Do any of us truly exist?

Dude, I just wanted to make a post about the worst teams in DFFL History.


I don’t have a chart for it.



You don’t like parties do you?

Not really, you should know this being my alter ego.


Can we proceed with the post now?

You still there?

So today we are going to talk about the worst teams in DFFL History. Typically there is one lonesome squad each year tasked with being taken to the woodshed every single week by the other seven members of the league. A combination of bad luck, bad managerial decisions, and injuries are usually to blame when things get ugly.

I’m not sure we’ve had an uglier situation than that of BRUMrodKOWSKI in 2017.

Why does he format his team name like that?

Some questions have no answers, bolded alter ego.

I bet his team isn’t very good.

You would be correct.

Where does his team rank among the worst in your league’s history? Can you put that in a chart?

I hate you. 

You should list the worst teams in history each year with their record, season points, scoring average and points delta so we can compare them.


Dead Rats Walking:
2502.47 pts scored
178.74 avg
-283.97 season pts delta

2 wins???

Pretty bad, huh? But take a peek at that scoring average! Only about 4.5 points below the league average that season. Man, those were the days when points were easy to come by.

You guys should totally give him a hard time for sucking.

It’s part of our daily routine, but thanks.

What about 2015? I bet it was the Rats again.

Carr Bombers
2329.69 pts scored
166.40 avg
-189.46 season pts delta


One more win on 170 less points? What kind of league are you guys running?

One where our regular season champion wins 3 games the following season.

I bet he got married or something that fall and was distracted. 

Sure, we’ll chalk it up to that. Pretty bad season but that season points delta isn’t nearly poor enough to be considered worst team in history when paired with that 3rd win.


Dead Rats Walking
2183.04 pts scored
155.93 avg
-397.50 season pts delta

Good guess, alter ego. Things got pretty ugly for the Rats last season as you can tell by the scoring average and season points delta.

How did they win 3 games????

Some questions have no answers.

That season points delta seems like a record that will never be touched, I mean JFC.

Are you sure about that?

I mean…

We haven’t covered this year…


1964.20 pts scored
151.09 scoring avg
-405.95 season pts delta
Will someone please fix his team name formatting for me?

Nothing to be said about the rest of the data?

No, the season isn’t over, he can still win this week and finish 4-10.


I have faith.

You must be an #ally


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