Week Two: Weekly Roundup

Well, folks, I’m not gonna lie, that was a snoozer. All the matchups last week at least had some promise heading in. We had #1 vs. #2, #3 vs. #4, and some matchups that, at least on paper, appeared to be worth following. And then we got Week Two, with not a single close matchup all week.

The average margin of victory across the League this week was 41.74 points. These things happen, especially early on in the season when teams are still figuring themselves out (both in the NFL and DFFL). But, despite all the joy it gives us to see Deppen’s team get spanked by the tune of almost 68 points, it’s a little boring to watch from the couch.

Here’s hoping Week Three provides some more fireworks. And now, your Weekly Roundup.



Willenium Force 208.20 vs. Scooter’s Squad 140.65

This one should’ve been a big early season showdown between two DFFL perennial powerhouses. However, it did not live up to its billing, not one bit. This was the largest margin of victory in the DFFL this week (67.55 points), and Deppen never really had a chance. When asked how it felt to demolish Deppen, Will responded, “It always feels amazing beating Deppen. He is my true rival.” He went on to say, “It was extra awesome beating him the Fantasy Baseball Playoffs this week too.”

To the surprise of no one, Will’s team has come out strong to start the season, and is buoyed by the emergence of rookie Kareem Hunt, who again had a great week. We all know about Bill’s WR weapons, but he’s added Hunt, as well as gotten production from his Double-New-England-RB’s in Mike Gillislee and James White. In what is a recurring trend in the DFFL, the Force went with a RB at the Flex spot this week, and thus boosted his RB production to a league-high 56.40 RB points this week. If Will gets consistent RB production all season, go ahead and turn out the lights.

Given Will’s aforementioned depth at WR, I asked him if he was serious about Odell Beckham Jr. being on the trade block. Will says, “Yes, it’s true, but probably for not much longer.” Giving life to the rumor, I followed up seeing what sort of return he’d expect, if moved. “I would expect to get a RB that is close to how consistent OBJr13 has been during his career, and a draft pick,” he said. So, there ya have it @DFFL, no #sources needed, straight from the Bill’s mouth – get your offers ready.

Deppen was brief when asked about getting blowed up by Bill, saying, “My team massively under-performed. Everyone. Sad.” When probed about any potential upgrades in the works after an embarrassing performance, he added, “The talent to win is on my team now. We’re on to Razzy’s Rat Gang.” Which, for the record, is not Rat’s team name.

Grant does in fact get Dead Rats Walking this week, while Will takes on Shontz in what should be a quality showdown.

BRUMrodKOWSKI 191.85 vs. HeHateMe30 150.55

Another matchup, another blowout. I’d advised to take the points for Pat in this one in my post last week, and that appears to have been terrible advice. Brum got some world-beater performances from a handful of guys, while Pat on the other hand, got some duds from a few that really put separation between these two.

Ty got a combined 143.55 points from Rodgers, Ty Montgomery, Gronk, and King Crab. That’s pretty damn good base, and add in a few other decent performances, he was set up for a breezy victory.

After another somewhat disappointing week from Marcus Mariota, who posted just 73% of his projected points this week, he chipped in just 31.15 Sunday. I asked Brother if it was time to just hand the keys to Carson Wentz, “[he] is most definitely getting the nod this week,” he said. “Like his matchup against the NY Football Giants. Mariota up against Seattle is no fucking buens,” Herm added. That’s probably the right call. Starting Wentz this week wouldn’t have gotten him the W against Brum, but Wentz is averaging 54.55 points through two weeks, compared to 38.78 for Mariota, so it’s hard to argue not rolling with him.

I also asked about Jordan Howard, who gained just 7 yards rushing this week on 9 carries, and then was spotted with his arm in a sling afterwards. Brother, however, isn’t feeling too worried. “Howard will be fine, just wait til I get my duel Chicago backs going beb, y’all are FUCKED,” he said. Outside of Chicago, he’s also feeling quite confident in the rest of his RB corps. “McAffrey is due to break out, and once Cleveland gets The Mother Fucking Crow rolling I’ll be a force to be reckoned with, fags (peace emoji).”

With Pat moving on to the Battle of the Millers in Week Three, he’s not going to lose sleep on his Week Two loss to Brum. “Team didn’t show up this week. Made some poor starts, combined with Ty being a giant faggot, expected to lose quite honestly,” he said.

Brumbaugh gets Curlis this week. He could not be reached for comment.

The Donatello 168.60 vs. Dead Rats Walking 142.40

Yahoo! actually favored Rat heading into this one. Why? I am not sure.

Rat opted to run Double-TEs, which is a rarity in DFFL these days. That turned out to be a rough decision. Referring to the injury of Greg Olsen, Ray said, “Double Tight set is no more. Thank you GO88 for forcing my hand because it hasn’t worked.” Adding injury to injury, Jimmy Graham is also now sidelined. “We will see how bad the damage is for Jimmy, but that leaves 3 injured TEs for Dead Rats Walking. No bueno.” Ever searching for the answers, Rat added, “One more week and Doug Martin is back, and JG12 is waiting for the ultimate comeback.”

As I so often do, I called that Rat would fuck up his QB decision, and he did just that, again. Getting the nod again this week was Russell Wilson for DRW. He didn’t have an awful week, posting 42.30, but on the bench yet again was Dak Prescott, who out-performed Wilson with 50.30 points. When asked if he’ll give Dak full reign of QB1 Rat said, “Have Russell Wilson or Doug Baldwin doubling up on points is ideal for Dead Rats Walking, but Dak will be provided the opportunity to perform.” He went on to say, “the matchups for Dak have been tougher than Cam and Russell, but they have not performed. I’m sure we will see Dak Sooner than later.”

Further putting DRW in a hole was an abysmal performance from Ezekiel Elliott, just 8 yards rushing on 9 carries. I asked him how frustrating that was. “A bad game from Zeke is going to be frustrating from a workhorse. Could have used him for a comeback against The Donatello.” Most of that was gameplanning, obviously. Rat added, “Denver’s defense is stout, so we will see better days out of Zeke.”

As soon as New England and New Orleans kicked off, this one was done for Dead Rats. For the haters, TB12 returned to his 39-year-old form, and went bananas on the Saints’ truly atrocious defense. All he did was: 30 completions, 447 yards, and 3 TDs. Good for 77.25 points. With that kind of performance Donnie could afford to take a Jordy goose-egg, and still pull out the win.

I asked Shontzie how it felt to move to 6-1 all time against Rat, he said, “It always feels good to get the W at the end of the week, regardless of the opponent.” Adding further, “Playing Rat is a lose-lose scenario either way, so it’s just one of those matchups you have to win.” And Donnie did just that, knocking Rat down to his comfortable spot of 0-2.

The aforementioned zero Jordy put up was due to an injury, go figure. When asked if his team could weather his yearly injury-storm, Shontz said, “We dodged a bullet with Jordy’s injury only potentially costing him 1-2 games. It’s only a matter of time before we lose one more key starter and start looking towards 2018.” For now, Mike moves to 1-1, and gets a stab at #1 Willenium Force this week.

Carr Bombers 190.30 vs. The Popcorn Playas 158.65

Derek Carr’s eponymous fantasy squad Carr Bombers are held up by his play more often than not. He put up 52.50 points this week, tossing 3 TDs in the process. As Carr goes, as go the Bombers.

Miller also got some decent production from his receiving corps that looks sketchier by the week. Dez scored his first TD in what seems like 4 years, adding 18.90 points this week to the cause. Outside of that, the elder Miller got steady, but nothing crazy from the three-headed RB attack of Ajayi, Lynch, and Fournette. Travis Kelce had a big day with 25.30 points, which really pushed this one out of reach.

Despite the loss, The Playas’ have some interesting pieces at RB all of a sudden. “The Buck Allen pick up was clutch, good replacement for Woodhead,” Curlis said post-game. He seems to like where his RBs are at early on this year, saying that he has “a good mix of young and veteran RBs.” While he didn’t get the start, Washington’s Chris Thompson posted 26.40 points off the waiver, and easily could’ve been Waiver Wire Winner had he gotten the nod. Regardless, he looks like a nice pickup for TPP.

Everyone knows Curlis has some quality at the QB position. With Stafford, Kork and Marty Ice all on the squad, it begs the question of when not if a QB will be moved. “Hopefully 100% one of them gets moved,” Curlis said, adding, “need a WR.” In a league where QBs are such a hot commodity, it seems only a matter of time before someone pays the price for one of the Playas’ QBs.

Miller moves to 1-1 on the season, while Curlis drops to 0-2. Curlis will look to get off the schneid this week, but faces a tough challenge with Brum’s squad.

waiver wire


While I mentioned Chris Thompson earlier, who could’ve easily been WWW had he started, he’s ineligible due to being benched. Curlis also picked up Buck Allen this, who did get the start, and posted 21.10 points against the Browns. He ran 14 times for 66 yards, and caught 5 balls for 35 yards and a TD.

While Curlis didn’t get the W, any time you can scoop someone off Waivers and get 20+ points out of them the next week, that’s a good pickup.

Congrats, Curlis, you and Buck Allen are this week’s Waiver Wire Winner.

pythag numbers


Last week I mentioned that it takes a few weeks for the Pythag Numbers to really iron out and show some stuff. So, as we go forward through the next couple of weeks, just keep that in the back of your mind. Anyways, to the numbers!

2017 pythag Week 2

Alrighty then. I’ve added some more info from my spreadsheet, just for giggles in case anyone was interested. Weeks 1 and 2 are obviously included, as well as standard deviation.

Will continues to lead the way with an Expected Win Percentage of greater than 90%. That obviously should come as no surprise as he’s posted the highest point total, and has faced the lowest.

Rat improved his Expected Wins from last week, but that wasn’t hard to do. He’s still under-performing, but that’s to be expected. Curlis’s side is so consistently mediocre through two weeks, it’s fascinating.

The only true surprise so far is Brumbaugh’s 2-0 start. The numbers out the gate on that one show that he’s over-performing by about a half a win so far. Should be interesting to monitor.



With Week Two officially come and gone, we now set our sights on Week Three here at DFFL HQ. We have just two unbeatens remaining, Willenium Force and BRUMrodKOWSKI. Those two won’t meet until Week Five, so they can stretch their unbeaten runs for at least two more weeks with victories.

Let’s take a look at this week’s upcoming matchups.

#1 Willenium Force vs. #4 The Donatello

It’d be hard to argue with calling this one the Game of the Week. This matchup has the two highest ranked teams facing each other of the week. The rest of the matchups are meh, but this one should be fun.

Earlier this week I coined this as a sneaky-good matchup, with Donnie threatening true top-4 status. For Will, he didn’t see it that way. “I don’t think there is anything sneaky about it,” he corrected me. “Donnie has a strong squad but, to be honest, I’m confident I can pull out a W.”

For Donnie to keep pace he’ll need another big performance out of TB12. That shouldn’t be too difficult considering the Pats get the Texans in Foxborough. He’ll also need to get some help in the RB game. Will’s RBs have been surprisingly efficient to start the year, so RBs  all around will be imperative to this matchup.

Donnie didn’t sound as confident in his side as Will, but is looking forward to the challenge. “The Force is always a tough matchup. Looking forward to competing against the best and seeing where we stand come Monday night.”

Miller’s Prediction: Willenium Force

#2 BRUMrodKOWSKI vs. #7 The Popcorn Playas

Brum is off to a solid 2-0 start to the year, and a surprising one at that. Through two weeks he’s averaged a 28.10 point margin of victory. He gets the Playas this week who have stumbled out the gate to 0-2.

Curlis has posted two almost identical scores through two weeks: 159.90 and 158.65. He’s consistent, give him that. So far this season only Deppen has faced more points than Curlis. A stat that has not gone unnoticed by the manager.

“Seems like whoever I’m playing always has a solid week,” The Playas manager told me. “If you’re playing me, you will be a top-3 team in scoring for that week. No low scores against me,” he added. Yahoo! already has Brumbaugh projected 190+ this week, which comes as no surprise to Curlis, “Brum will put up 200, watch.”

Miller’s Prediction: BRUMrodKOWSKI

#3 Scooter’s Squad vs. #8 Dead Rats Walking

Deppen is coming off one of his worst performances of his DFFL career. I am too lazy to call up Shontz to check the record books, so I am just guessing Deppen’s 140-spot last week was one of his worst. On the other hand, Rat actually outscored Deppen last week, even if it was just by two points or so.

It’ll be interesting to see which team of Scooter’s shows up. I am guessing he may be in for more of an up-and-down season than he’s accustomed to normally. Rat is looking to get his first victory of the season, but he’s going to have to keep waiting.

These two managers were part of a massive trade that shook up the first round of the Draft this year. Dalvin Cook has started out alright, posting a good Week 1 (18.7) and okay Week 2 (8.4). I asked Deppen if he’s regretting his trade up to #2 overall yet. “I do not regret the trade yet,” he said. “The #1 next year makes that impossible to determine at this time.” It remains to be seen how good Cook is, but at the end of the day, that trade was just so gross it won’t matter.

Miller’s Prediction: Scooter’s Squad

#5 HeHateMe30 vs. #6 Carr Bombers

The Brother Battle. #5 vs. #6. If it weren’t for the early season clash between Bill and Michael this week, this Miller-battle could be the Game of the Week.

Both teams I believe to be wildly mediocre. The elder Miller’s team has some talent, but is riddled with inconsistencies, and questions at WR. The younger Miller’s team has explosive playmakers, just looking to break out so far this year.

Both teams come in 1-1, with the one leaving 2-1 getting a big advantage in the Playoff hunt. Each of these teams should compete for a Playoff spot, it’s just a matter of which one will be better positioned after three weeks. With Brumbaugh’s team out to a strong start, and Donnie’s dangerous squad, the Brothers Miller face stiff competition.

It’ll all start Thursday for this one, as Todd Gurley and the St. Louis L.A. Rams head north to the Bay to take on the 49ers. Gurley had a big week last week, including hurdling a(nother) dude, posting his second-consecutive 20+ point week to start the year. If Brother’s RBs show up, this one could be a tough one for the Bombers.

Miller’s Prediction: HeHateMe30

That’ll do it for the Week Two Weekly Roundup. Hope y’all enjoyed some of the new recaps.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week. Go Browns.

Much love.


Zachary J. Miller
Acting Commissioner since 2014




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