DFFL Keeper Modification: A Proposal



The DFFL is a league that is built to withstand the perils of time. We set forth on this voyage, not as a league built the same as every other fantasy league. No, we set forth to buck the trend. To establish a league in competitive spirit, while also requiring navigation of differing obstacles one wouldn’t face elsewhere. The fantasy world as most know it is a vanilla landscape of normalcy. We at the DFFL believe normalcy is for the weak, and that the NFL demands strength. In strength we find ourselves mirroring said NFL, we seek out their platform for the ultimate path to fantasy values.

Fantasy football should not be something recreated each season out of nothing. Fantasy should offer something meaningful, and reward those that take time to create something of value. Some will find success quickly, whilst others require creation of something out of nothing. Playing the long-game is a much more fruitful endeavor than the instant gratification of starting anew each year.

The difficulty in this structure, is, if not done properly, there’ll be too many obstacles to overcome for the penniless. An owner may suffer a lifetime of irrelevance due to the constraints of the League, notwithstanding their own ineptitude. All the while another owner excels and triumphs because of a fair amount of luck, paired with a lack of regulation.

These tribulations can be pointed to the aforementioned lack of regulation within the League. While it is fair to say certain owners have caused their own share of undue harm, there is a certain level of blame to be pointed at the rules.

Simply drafting a player, and retaining their services until they die or retire doesn’t make any sense. Drafting a player shouldn’t give you exclusive rights to them for the duration of their career. No system remotely close to that is in place for the NFL, let alone the vast majority of respectable fantasy football leagues. The League is supposed to be a dynasty league, with specific rules and regulations towards creating dynasties. Nowhere within the confines of the League’s regulations should it be that a player may remain rostered to that owner, simply because they drafted them, or placed a waiver claim. The current manipulation of the rules fosters dynasties, but for the wrong reasons.

As one of the founding fathers of this League, and a writer of many of its rules and regulations, I will happily and equally bear the weight of these plights. I move to create a system for the League to still allow the freedom of selection we all covet, while also correcting our past flaws and creating a more equal landscape.

The great Chris Christie once said, “You know, at some point there has to be parity.” And while Big Chris and I might not see eye to eye on many policies, I believe wholeheartedly he was speaking about the DFFL when he said that quote that for certain isn’t taken out of context.

To move the League forward means to continuously be improving. As it stands now, the League needs improvements in many areas. I believe the Spring Summit was, and can be the engine of this improvement. We can use the wind from the Summit to really open our sails and push this ship forward. And that is why I am here today, to keep us at full-mast, and propose an improvement…

Updated Keeper Proposal:

Even with the implementation of IDP’s, the roster limit for the DFFL will stay at 24 roster spots. With the addition of 4 IDP roster spots but staying with 24 total roster spots, this will assist with roster turnover that many managers are seeking. Meaning, the number of keeper slots for positional players will be cut, without actually reducing any keeper headcount. As such, keepers will also remain at up to 16 for each season.

In congruence with the keeper allotment, each manager will be allowed to keep up to:

QB – 2
WR – 5
RB – 4
TE – 2
IDP – 3

The Positional Keeper Limits would be new for 2017 season, and will be enforced at the time of Keeper Declaration.

Also proposed for the 2017 season, keepers would have limits on how long they can be retained. There will be a strict 4-year Keeper Year Limit as a maximum a keeper can be retained. A manager does not have to keep a player all 4 years, but that will be the max. If a player is kept for all 4 years, at the end of the 4th year, they’ll automatically go back into the Draft pool. The League will track keeper length limits, and will enforce any overages at the time of Keeper Declaration.

A new Dynasty Tag will be proposed for the 2017 season. A manager would now be able to ‘tag’ a player, thus excluding them from the Keeper Year Limit. Essentially one player on a manager’s roster would be exempt from the Keeper Year Limit, and be able to be retained for as long the manager wishes. The Dynasty Tag will be declared at the same time as Keeper Declaration, and the League will track. Once a manager decides to tag someone else, they declare the new player, and the other player goes back into the Draft pool.


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