2017 DFFL Spring Summit: A Brief Review


I awoke Monday with a slight bout of confusion. This scenario is reoccurring, and mildly troubling. It was as if I had woken up with Marcus Mariota on my roster again. Which, as I am musing on this, was not such a terrible idea after all..

But, I digress.

Sunday was, for me, a booze-filled food-coma fantasy-football dream-day. As I checked my 18-pack of Miller Lite Monday, I noticed that there was only four remaining, not including the Fat Tires I’d had earlier. That, sounds about right. Despite this aggressive drinking, I feel as though there was still productivity.

I want to personally thank Mr. Michael Shontz for his efforts in organizing the Spring Summit. It is much appreciated, and you are a great contributor to the League. I would also like to thank the remaining DFFL’ers. You all (for the most part), were engaged, active, and came prepared. Wait. Scratch that last part.

Regardless of how ill-prepared Rat was, collectively we were still able to make strides towards what we could maybe, possibly call ‘progress.’ With that in mind, I wanted to share with you all the updated agenda with the results.

With all that, see below for the 2017 DFFL Spring Summit results:

A) League Dues Presenting Owner Notes Result
I. 2016 Payouts G. Deppen Nothing prepared to present. DENIED
II. Future League Dues W. Anderson/C. Rasmussen Proposed increasing League dues to $100. PASSED
III. New League Payouts W. Anderson 1st place: $400
2nd place: $200
3rd place: $100
Regular Season Champ.: $100
IV. League Dues Deadline Z. Miller Dues to be paid in full prior to start of upcoming season’s Draft. PASSED
MOTION: Dues Deadline Penalty Z. Miller If dues are not paid in full prior to start of the Draft, a draft pick penalty will be enforced for each hour they’re late. Starting in reverse order with 8th pick for first hour, 7th pick for second hour, etc. PASSED
B) Roster Presenting Owner Result
I. Keeping Kickers T. Brumbaugh Motion to keep Kickers as a rostered position. PASSED
II. No Punters T. Brumbaugh Motion to not add Punters to rosters. PASSED
III. Increase IR Spots M. Shontz Motion to increase IR spots from 3 currently, to 4. PASSED
IV. 3 IDP vs DEF Z. Miller/C. Rasmussen Proposing moving from team DEF structure to IDP format. Motion to have 3 IDP’s started (1 DL, 1 LB, 1 DB), with a total roster allotment of 4 IDP’s. PASSED
V. Limit 2 DEF M. Shontz Not heard per IDP ruling. N/A
VI. No Salary Cap P. Miller Motion to deny adding salary cap/contract structure. PASSED
VII. Salary Cap Z. Miller Not heard per No Salary Cap ruling. N/A
VIII. Amount of Keepers C. Rasmussen/T. Curlis Rassmussen moves originally to lower keepers to 12; or 14; or increase to 30 roster spots, and lower to 12 keepers. DENIED
C) Points Presenting Owner Result
I. All FGs = 3 pts W. Anderson Will motions to change FG scoring from current, to all FG’s being worth 3 points. DENIED
MOTION: FG Scoring Update Z. Miller Motion to change FG scoring to:
FG <50 yards = 3 pts.
FG >50+ yards = 4 pts.
II. Extra Point = 1 pt W. Anderson Not heard, currently in place. N/A
III. No Penalty for Missed Kick W. Anderson Will motions to remove penalty for missed PAT’s. DENIED
MOTION: PAT Miss Update W. Anderson Motion to change missed PAT from -3 pts. to -1 pt. PASSED
IV. Elimination of Bonus Pts M. Shontz Motion to remove all scoring bonuses. DENIED
V. Restructuring Bonus Pts M. Shontz Proposed restructing of roster bonuses:
Singular roster bonus for an agreed-upon impressive threshold, one for each position (passing, rushing, receiving, etc.)
Example: 500 passing yards = 5 points; 250 rushing yards = 5 points; etc.
D) General Presenting Owner Result
I. Arbitrary Geo Divisions Z. Miller Motion to add arbitrary geo-based divisions, with no bearing on Playoffs. PASSED
II. Waiver Wire Order C. Rasmussen Nothing to present. DENIED
III. Potential Re-Draft T. Brumbaugh Brumbaugh moves to re-draft the league. DENIED
IV. League Expansion T. Brumbaugh Brumbaugh moves to expand the League to 10 members, including Z. Burke as 9th, but with no plan/potential 10th. DENIED
V. League Trophy T. Brumbaugh Motion to add League trophy for League Champion. PASSED
MOTION: Specifc League Trophy T. Brumbaugh Brumbaugh’s proposed (linked in DFFLGM) trophy to be the League Trophy. TABLED
VI. Official Punishment for 8th T. Brumbaugh Motion to add enforceable punishment for 8th Place finisher. PASSED
MOTION Specific Punishment for 8th T. Brumbaugh Brumbaugh proposes license plate bracket which is denied, as well as some other ideas tossed out (tattoos, vanity plates, etc.) TABLED
VII. Nominate League Treasurer M. Shontz Shontz nominates Z. Miller to be League Treasurer. PASSED
MOTION: Treasurer to Collect All Dues Z. Miller Z. Miller moves to utilize open bank account to house all League Dues activity, and will be the new method for Dues payment, and for disbursement. PASSED
VIII. 3rd Party Trade Commissioner M. Shontz Shontz moves to add a Third Party Trade Commissioner. DENIED


There obviously are still things to hash out, so I believe that we should hold another meeting in the near future while everything is fresh in people’s minds. We’ll have more to come on that in the near future, but keep the tabled topics in mind over the next few weeks. If anyone has any suggestions, or if I missed anything, holler.

Love y’all.


Zachary J. Miller
Acting DFFL Co-Commissioner since 2014
2x DFFL 3rd Place (2014, 2016)
2x fNASCAR Champion (2015, 2016)
2016 fMLB Champion


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