2017 DFFL NFL Playoff Pick Em Final Results



What a way to end the season. With the completion of the instant classic that was Super Bowl LI, the DFFL also wrapped up its 2017 NFL Playoff Pick Em in a stunning comeback fashion very similar to the game itself. More on that to come but just a quick thank you to all for participating and making this another great DFFL Contest.

As noted, heading into the Super Bowl weekend, Patrick owned a slim one-game lead over Will and a 3+ game lead on Rat and the rest of the league. To this point in the contest, there had been 32 picks so the 32 pick Super Bowl Prop sheet carried significant weight and anything was possible. Quick shout out to Will for helping put together the prop sheets the past two rounds of the playoffs.

The league as a whole struggled significantly with the Super Bowl sheet compared to past weeks, going a combined 126-130 and marking the first week the league was below 0.500 with the picks. Below is a brief overview of the league results by week.


DFFL Overall Results
Wild Card 32-32 0.500
Divisional 41-23 0.640
Conference 66-62 0.516
Super Bowl LI 126-130 0.492
Overall 266-246 0.520

Player and game prop bets always make things more difficult as you can tell by the league going 73-55 the first two weeks picking only against the spread and over/under followed by 192-192 the past two weeks. 73-55 is good for a 0.570 winning percentage and is very healthy by sports gambling standards. Maybe next year the league can start a pool of interested parties to use the group picks to make some money in the playoffs.

Enough with that non-sense though and on with the show. Due dilligence was done tracking the various Super Bowl props and each prop bet was not settled until verified by Vegas or the official NFL box score.

Here are your 2017 DFFL Super Bowl Prop Sheet Results…


Super Bowl LI
Rank Manager Record
t1 Will 19-13
t1 Z. Miller 19-13
t3 Shontz 16-16
t3 Curlis 16-16
t5 P. Miller 15-17
t5 Deppen 15-17
7 Brumbaugh 14-18
8 Rat 12-20

Very strong picks for Will and the elder Miller brother going a combined 12 games over 0.500 but the rest of the league struggled combining to go 16 games under 0.500. Others may notice something familiar about the bottom of the Super Bowl and overall standings but we are here to talk about winners because this is America. So, that being said…


Congratulations to our first DFFL contest champion of new year, your 2017 DFFL NFL Playoff Pick Em winner, Will Anderson!


Overall Standings
Rank Manager Record
1 Will 39-25
2 P. Miller 36-28
3 Z. Miller 34-30
4 Shontz* 33-31
5 Curlis 33-31
6 Deppen 31-33
7 Rat* 30-34
8 Brum 30-34

Just like Tom Brady made Atlanta pay for giving him a chance to win the game, Will went 19-13 to take advantage of Patrick faltering to a 15-17 finish. Zach made a strong final push to finish a respectable 3rd but coming from 8th was just asking too much. Shontz and Curlis essentially were 0.500 for the duration of the contest and never really challenged for the title. Rat fell from 3rd to 7th with his 12-20 Super Bowl effort. As a reminder, the tiebreaker was the closest guess at total points scored in the Super Bowl with Shontz and Rat both winning their tiebreakers.

Previous results may be found below:

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2017 DFFL NFL Playoff Pick Em Divisional Round Results

2017 DFFL NFL Playoff Pick Em Conference Championship Results

Once again, thank you to everyone for participating. Already looking forward to Daytona, the Spring Summit, and fMLB.


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