2016 DFFL Pro Bowl and Awards


With the completion of the DFFL season and subsequently, the NFL regular season, the League casted their Pro Bowl and Awards ballots this past Monday. In stunning fashion, all 8 owners promptly voted within 24 hours and with only one hanging chad on the ballots (Deppen voting for the same defense twice). Perhaps there is hope for 2017 after all.

The Pro Bowl Teams were determined by the consensus voting of all 8 league owners and players were slotted in their respective positions based on positional voting, with the caveat of voting for players on an owner’s team being prohibited. Unanimous 1st and 2nd Team selections have been bolded. The FLEX positions were determined by the players receiving the most votes not already included on the team. League ROY and MVP were determined by the same voting system.

League runner-up, Willenium Force, placed a league-best 6 players on the 1st and 2nd teams while 2016 Champion Scooter’s Squad finished with 4 players on the 1st and 2nd teams. 3rd place – Slob On My Cobb, placed 3 players on the 1st team, tying Willenium Force for the league-lead.

It is my pleasure to present your 1st and 2nd Team DFFL Pro Bowl Teams.

1st Team
Position Player Votes(1st) Team
QB Drew Brees 5(5) Willenium Force
WR1 Antonio Brown 7(7) Scooter’s Squad
WR2 Mike Evans 7(7) Willenium Force
WR3 Julio Jones 7(3) Willenium Force
RB1 David Johnson 7(6) The Donatello
RB2 Le’Veon Bell 7(5) Scooter’s Squad
TE Travis Kelce 7(7) Slob On My Cobb
FLEX Ezekiel Elliot (r) 7(4) Filthy Cellar Rats
K Justin Tucker 7(4) Slob On My Cobb
DEF Kansas City 7(5) Slob On My Cobb

Notes: there were 3 unanimous 1st Team selections, who are bolded. The FLEX position was determined by the player with the most votes not already included on the 1st Team. 1st Team Combined Weekly Avg. 234.82 pts. Ezekiel Elliot became the 2nd rookie to be selected to the 1st Team (Todd Gurley, 1st Team 2015) and 5th Pro Bowl rookie overall. This is Mike Evans’ first Pro Bowl appearance.

2nd Team
Position Player Votes Team
QB Tom Brady 5(2) The Donatello
WR1 Jordy Nelson 7(2) The Donatello
WR2 Odell Beckham Jr. 6(2) Willenium Force
WR3 T.Y. Hilton 7(1) Slob On My Cobb
RB1 LeSean McCoy 5 Scooter’s Squad
RB2 DeMarco Murray 3(1) Slob On My Cobb
TE Zach Ertz 4 The Donatello
FLEX Michael Thomas (r) 3(2) Scooter’s Squad
K Matt Bryant 5(2) Willenium Force
DEF Minnesota 4(1) Willenium Force

Notes: there were 2 unanimous 2nd Team selections, who are bolded. The FLEX position was determined by the player with the most votes not already included on the 2nd Team. 2nd Team Combined Weekly Avg. 207.65 pts. Michael Thomas is the 2nd rookie WR to make the Pro Bowl (Odell Beckham Jr., 2nd Team, 2014).

3rd Team
Position Player Votes Team
QB Aaron Rodgers 4 BRUMrodKOWSKI
WR1 Brandin Cooks 3 HeHateMe30
WR2 Doug Baldwin 1 Scooter’s Squad
WR3 Tyreek Hill The Popcorn Playas
RB1 Melvin Gordon 3 The Popcorn Playas
RB2 Devanta Freeman Scooter’s Squad
TE Kyle Rudolph 2 The Popcorn Playas
FLEX Greg Olsen 2 Filthy Cellar Rats
K Sebastian Janikowski 2(1) The Popcorn Playas
DEF New England 3(1) Filthy Cellar Rats

Notes: Two TE set for the 3rd Team. 3rd Team Weekly Combined Avg. 192.46 pts.


And now it is time to move to the individual awards for the season, 2016 Rookie of the Year and DFFL Most Valuable Player.


League ROY
Player Votes Team
1 Ezekiel Elliot 6 Filthy Cellar Rats
t2 Dak Prescott 1 Filthy Cellar Rats
t2 Michael Thomas 1 Scooter’s Squad

Notes: Ezekiel Elliot’s 6 votes are the most by a candidate in league history.


Your 2016 DFFL Most Valuable Player:

League MVP
Player Votes Team
1 David Johnson 4 The Donatello
2 Drew Brees 3 Willenium Force
3 Ezekiel Elliot (r) 1 Filthy Cellar Rats

Notes: David Johnson is the first non-QB to win League MVP. Ezekiel Elliot is the first Rookie to appear on the League MVP Ballot, receiving one vote. Drew Brees has finished in the top 3 of League MVP voting all 3 seasons, winning in 2014.


Thank you to all for participating. Included below are links to the 2014 and 2015 Pro Bowl Voting results along with a new spreadsheet, DFFL All-Time Pro Bowl, which has sortable tabs and more information. Enjoy!

2014 DFFL Pro Bowl and Awards

2015 DFFL Pro Bowl and Awards

The DFFL All-Time Pro Bowl link contains tabs for each position and individual awards, with players included from the 1st and 2nd teams along with their PPG. All tables are sortable and currently sorted by votes and then year but do with it as you please. A tab including a breakdown of all owners’ Pro Bowl players will be added at a later date.

DFFL All-Time Pro Bowl and Awards


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