Week 6 Power Rankings


Well then. I guess Nashville and Week 6 of The DFFL season went down this past weekend. Can’t say that I’m able to remember much about either but here we are a week removed from both and one week away from the halfway mark of the season. Crazy how fast the season moves once it’s here and how slow the offseason drags before it arrives. With the halfway mark comes time for midseason adjustments seeing as most teams are what they are at that point in the season. Some will stay put and rely on their already solid rosters to carry them, others will attempt to bolster their lineups in preparation for a playoff push, while the remaining few will attempt to gather young talent and/or draft picks in hopes of building for the future. If only we had some sort of rankings system to help us determine who will be buying and who will be selling come the 2nd half of the season…

Rank (Last Week) – RPI – Team – Record – Strength of Schedule –

  1. (1) – 0.575 – Willenium Force (5-1) – 0.444 – Yawn. Disposed of Rat with ease and proceeded to lose 0.018 points in the Power Rankings for doing so. Playing Rat is the true definition of a lose-lose situation. Big matchup vs Patrick this week.
  2. (3) – 0.542 – The Donatello (4-2) – 0.472 – Somehow have rattled off 3 straight wins after a shaky, injury filled start to the season. I continue to regularly face the least points in the league, which I am grateful for. That along with TB12/AC89/DJ31 combining for 141.00 and 129.70 pts since TB12’s return helps things.
  3. (2) – 0.538 – Slob On My Cobb (4-2) – 0.472 – Rough week for the Cobb Slobbers as none of their big name players showed up besides the eponymous Randall. I don’t think this constitues the other shoe dropping but man that was nasty. YUGE 2 vs 4 matchup this week with Scooter in what should be a great contest.
  4. (6) – 0.490 – BRUMrodKOWSKI (3-3) – 0.472 – Brum took down the elder Miller in what is only the second largest upset of Week 6 and climbed two spots in the Rankings for doing so. Hasn’t scored more than 177 the past three weeks but is 2-1 in that stretch. The guy has to run out of luck at some point. Curious to see what the Pythag numbers say.
  5. (4) – 0.489 – Emmanuel in Space (3-3) – 0.472 – Scooter cooled off a bit this weekend after posting two straight 200+ weeks, bringing him to 3 200 pt weeks and 3 sub 170 weeks on the season. GTG is no where to be found right now so we will see if he ever decides to trade a RB and shore up what has to be considered one of the worst WR corps in the league.
  6. (8) – 0.461 – HeHateMe30 (3-3) – 0.444 – Big win for Pat this week in what has to be one of the biggest upsets that’ll go down this season considering he was a 32 point underdog heading into the week. Taking the big step up gets Pat to 0.500, back in contention and separates himself from our next two managers. Can he knock off #1 this week?
  7. (5) – 0.456 – The Popcorn Playas (1-5) – 0.611 – Favored going into the week vs myself, Curlis had a chance to end the 4 game skid and get back on track. Yet another let down of a week and suddenly he finds himself battling Rat to avoid 8th place. Do The Playas have any trade magic this season to help get things turned around or does Curlis begin building for next year?
  8. (7) – 0.449 – Dead Rats Walking (1-5) – 0.611 – Poor damn, Rat. 0-3 the past 3 despite not scoring less than 173, I guess this is the universe balancing out the Allies’ luck. I think Rat’s squad is better than 1-5 and could play for upsets the 2nd half of the season while continuing to build for the future. Or he will trade everyone per usual and wind up right back in the same spot next year.


Week 6 DFFL Championship Odds:

Will : 3-2
Grant: 4-1
Zach: 6-1
Shontz: 6-1
Brumbaugh: 9-1
Pat: 9-1
Curlis: 15-1
Rat: 20-1

Please contact me for any wager inquiries.


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