Week 5 Power Rankings

You guys want some Power Rankings? I apologize for not posting Week 4 Power Rankings last week, I will not sit here and make excuses. So, before 62.5% of The DFFL heads to Nashville for the weekend, I felt obligated to hammer out this baby. As much as it sucks not posting the Week 4 results, we got one more week of data, which always makes @Zachary and I pretty giddy. There are a few surprises in the rankings this week, which I will obviously go over, along with a breakdown of what factors into the rankings.

The Power Rankings are designed to determine each teams’ strength relative to an average 0.500 team. The Relative Power Index, or RPI, of each team is based on a combination of winning percentage, strength of schedule, opponents’ strength of schedule, and points margin. Each of the past two DFFL champions have finished the season #1 in RPI, just saying. So, without further ado, I am proud to finally present the initial 2016 DFFL Power Rankings.

Rank (Previous Week) – RPI – Team – Record – Strength of Schedule –

  1. (1) 0.593 – Willenium Force (4-1) – 0.520 – What else can you say about this squad other than it’s been the model of consistency in the DFFL running for 2.33 years now. Averaging 200+/week, it’s just a matter of staying healthy and trying to repeat. Great opportunity to really stick the dagger in the season of Dead Rats Walking this week, which I can’t wait for.
  2. (2) 0.564 – Slob On My Cobb (4-1) – 0.440 – I know the eldest Miller is waiting for the other shoe to drop for his squad but I just don’t see it happening this season. 2nd in points, 2nd in the standings, 2nd in the rankings. DC4, TY, and DeMarco is a tough trio to top right now and should carry SOMC to the playoffs this season.
  3. (5) 0.558 – The Donatello (3-2) – 0.560 – I have no business being this high (ha) in the rankings but that’s what a victory over Willenium Force will do for you. I’ve scored the 3rd least points this far but also faced the least points by a wide margin. That is due for some regression, I’m guessing this week against The Playas, but I’m banking on finishing the season with the least points faced and trying to skank that 4th playoff spot.
  4. (3) 0.505 – Emmanuel in Space (3-2) – 0.440 – Scooter has risen from the dead of 0-2 to rattle off 3 straight wins while averaging around 190 points. The downside? Those wins were against the 5th, 7th, and 8th place teams. Still impressive to claw back from 0-2 and get right back in the playoff hunt with what looks like a strong team for the remainder of the season. Should lock up the 2nd or 3rd spot pretty easily.
  5. (6) 0.461 – The Popcorn Playas (1-4) – 0.600 – After setting what could end up being the season high points total in Week 1, The Playas have promptly rattled off 4 straight losses while not scoring more than 168 points during that stretch. Granted those 4 losses were to the #1, #2, #3, and #5 ranked teams in the standings, sub-170 weeks will not get it done regularly in The DFFL. I’m guessing Curlis gets back on track this week vs The Donatello in a big way.
  6. (4) 0.447 – BRUMrodKOWSKI (2-3) – 0.440 – The better of the two #Allies has been somewhat of a surprise this season with a few decent weeks. The Week 3 loss to Willenium Force was a big let down and could come back to haunt @TyCruise later in the season. Still has to face the #2 and #4 teams in the standings before the halfway point in the season, so 3-4 is a must.
  7. (7) 0.438 – Dead Rats Walking (1-4) – 0.560 – Strength of schedule and points delta are the only two things propping up the Rats in the Rankings. 165 pts/week just isn’t going to get it done in The DFFL so the former Rat Gang will need to find a spark from somewhere either via the bench or waiver wire, but most likely the trade market. Willenium Force will look to put the DRW out of their misery for the season this week as 1-5 all but ensures another season looking forward to the draft.
  8. (8) 0.434 – HeHateMe30 (2-3) – 0.440 – I am just as surprised as you are to see Hermano this far down in the rankings. Poor strength of schedule and the worst points delta in the league will do that to you. The points against “should” regress “some” but still 7th in points scored and someone has to finish the season with an absurd amount of points against. Faces #1 and #3 in the standings to finish the first half of the season, so once again, 3-4 is a must.


Until Week 6…


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