DFFL Champions Cup Update

Morning, lads. As we start to wrap up Week 4 of the DFFL season, we have officially closed the book on another DFFL chapter. For some of you that were eliminated a while back, you may not have noticed, but last week was the Finals for fMLB.

Somehow, Brumbaugh ended up in the Finals. Yahoo’s standings have been updated in real-time to show the Playoff results, but if I’m not mistaken, Brumbaugh was 6th in the regular season? Regardless, sort of a damn shame that Shontz or Curlis didn’t make the Finals, but c’est la fantasy sports.

With with the inaugural fMLB season of the DFFL finished, let’s take a look at how that impacted the overall DFFL Champions Cup Standings.


Clearly there’s been some shuffling with the conclusion of fMLB. Movement all up and down the standings, save for 7th and 8th.

Shontzie’s 3rd place fMLB finish was enough to push him into 1st overall, while me winning fMLB pushed me up into the “500 Club.” Will’s abysmal 7th place fMLB place left that door open for me to leapfrog him in the standings. Brum and Pat stay locked into battling it out for 5th and 6th, while Rat and Deppen continue to bring up the rear.

Just two events remain in this year’s DFFL Champions Cup, the coveted fNASCAR title, and as well as something to do with fantasy football. No one is technically out of contention yet, but with fNASCAR finalizing in the next few weeks, we could see some drop out of the Chase.

Below is the full chart for your viewing pleasure.



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