2016 NBA Playoff Pick’em – Round 1 Form

nba playoffs

Morning, gents. Apologies on the late start. As I was sitting at the bar last night I saw a commercial for the NBA Playoffs, and realized I hadn’t put the form(s) together yet. With the Cavs tipping off Sundee, I just sorta assumed everyone started then, a las, I was wrong.

Anywho, I’m too lazy to come up with a better format than what we had last year, so we’ll do pretty much the same as we  did last year. Below is the form for Round 1. For each series, pick the winner and the series games total (i.e. Cavs 4-0).

Each series winner picked correctly will be worth 10 points, and picking the series W/L correctly will be worth an additional 20 points per series. Therefore, each conference will be worth 120 total points, with total points for the first round being worth 240.

Let’s get started, games tip in less than two hours (again, my bad).


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