2016 DFFL Playoff Pick’em Super Bowl Edition


Afternoon, bitch-boys. Well, we’ve made it. The Big Game is Sunday. It’s been a long season, and one that we can only hope ends with #18 raising the Lombardi trophy Sunday night.

Some of you have been on top of the pick’em from the beginning of the Playoffs (hats off to you, Shontz/Will). The rest of you have been meddling around, but I appreciate your input neverthless.

Below we’ve got the results from last week.

Conference Championship Round:

1. Brother: 1-1
2. Brum: 1-1
3. Deppen: 1-1
4. Shontz: 1-1
5. Miller: 0-2
6. Rat: 0-2
7. Will: 0-2
8. Curlis: N/A

Deppen, Brother, and Brum all picked CAR -3.5, which, they obviously covered the shit out of. Shontz is the only other one to get a pick correct, he had DEN +3.5.

Playoffs Overall:

1. Shontz: 6-3-1 (.650)
2. Curlis: 6-1-1 (.813)
3. Miller: 5-4-1 (.550)
4. Will: 4-5-1 (.450)
5. Brother: 3-2-1 (.583)
6. Brumbaugh: 3-2-1 (.583)
7. Deppen: 3-2-1 (.583)
8. Rat 0-2: (.000)

The table is not sorted by win%, and that’s because I have decided to award those that have participated the full time (thus, Shontz is above Curlis, etc). It’s sorted by total picks correct first, then win%. But Shontz is awarded for making more selections than Curlis. If you take issue with this method, suck it, that’s the way I did it.

Only one game to go to determine a winner…

Super Bowl Form:


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