2016 NFL Playoff Pick’em, Conference Championships

conf champ

One of these things is not like the other…

Top o’ the morning, DFFL’ers. The Conference Championship games are set, and are ripe for the picking. We get one more go at Brady vs. Manning, and then on the other side we get to watch @Rat’s “Panthers” lose to CP3 and the Cards.

Below are the results from last week:

Divisional Round Results:

  1. Curlis: 3-0-1
  2. Miller: 3-0-1
  3. Brother: 2-1-1
  4. Will: 2-1-1
  5. Deppen: 2-1-1
  6. Brumbaugh: 2-1-1
  7. Shontz: 1-2-1
  8. Rat: N/A

Playoffs Overall:

  1. Curlis: 6-1-1 (.813)
  2. Shontz: 5-2-1 (.688)
  3. Miller: 5-2-1 (.688)
  4. Will: 4-3-1 (.563)
  5. Brother: 2-1-1 (.625)
  6. Deppen: 2-1-1 (.625)
  7. Brumbaugh: 2-1-1 (.625)
  8. Rat: N/A


So, there ya have it, that’s where things stand heading into this weekend’s Champ games. Curlis’s departure from DFFLGM could be just what Shontz and myself need in order to make a run at the top-spot. I’ve also added %’s, so those that didn’t participate in the Wild Card round are in the loop.

Conference Championships Form:



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