2016 fNASCAR League Proposal

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For those that have been paying attention in DFFLGM, I have been in favor of starting, or creating, a fNASCAR league unto itself. While I very much enjoyed fNASCAR last season, obviously, I was Champion, I do think it’d be fun to take it one step further. I know what you’re thinking: sounds like a lot of work, what was wrong with last year’s model?, etc etc etc. I get it. But, I’m here to tell you, it’ll be alright.

Below I have laid out my proposal for the 2016 fNASCAR League. I believe wholeheartedly it to be a comprehensive proposal that would set our league apart from others. While it’s obviously not perfect, it’s pretty damn close.

Yahoo! was great last year, but I am all about pushing the envelope. The plan below will help us do just that. Please review the proposal and respond with feedback, questions, etc.

2016 DFFL fNASCAR Proposal

Zachary J. Miller
Acting Commissioner since 2014
2014 fNASCAR Champion

January 13, 2016

Teams Setup


With eight (8) managers in the league, each team will have FIVE (5) roster spots. That brings the total number of roster spots for the league to forty (40). Each NASCAR race will have 43 entries each week, thus leaving a little wiggle room for waivers.


Each manager will be responsible for setting their lineup each week, much like last year. However, instead of having to select the drivers for the week, and then selecting the lineup after that, we’ll have set teams for the year.

We will have five roster spots, and will start FOUR (4) drivers each week. There will no longer be A, B, and C drivers. Once the draft is complete, the rosters will be set for the season; not factoring trades, waiver additions, etc.

Example lineup:

Driver 1. #4 Kevin Harvick

Driver 2. #41 Kurt Busch

Driver 3. #16 Greg Biffle

Driver 4. #13 Casey Mears

Bench 1. #10 Danica Patrick

Starters are bolded, with one driver on the bench.

Lineup Setting

If we are/were to do fNASCAR offline this season, setting lineups would need to be manually completed each week. While that sounds like a daunting task, it really won’t be. With only five drivers a side, there won’t be a ton of shuffling of starters.

Each week all managers will be required to submit their starters either online or via email to the league email box (dfflthe@gmail.com). The Commissioner will receive all submissions via email, and will monitor the site for the weekly submissions. There will be a Starter Submission Form on the site in order to enter your drivers for the week. To make it easier, and given the relatively small size of the league/rosters, starters will also be accepted via text, and/or GroupMe.

Starters will be available to be entered up until 5 minutes prior to the race starting. With no site or system’s constraints, we’ll have more freedom to submit drivers for each race.


The 2016 fNASCAR Draft order can be determined one of two ways.:

  1. Reverse order of the 2014 fNASCAR standings. (Will need to wait to see if we can access Yahoo’s archives. At the present, registration is not open, so unable to access right now).
  2. DFFL FF draft order for this year. As seen below:
  1. Z. Miller
  2. Rasmussen
  3. Curlis
  4. Shontz
  5. Brumbaugh
  6. P. Miller
  7. Deppen
  8. Anderson

The 2016 fNASCAR Draft will be held via Hangouts/Skype at any convenient time prior to the Daytona 500, February 21, 2016.


Waivers will be setup very similarly to the DFFL FF waiver system. There will be a tracking sheet of available fNASCAR Free Agents on the DFFL site that will be updated weekly. If it is determined that you would like to make a waiver claim, you will need to submit that before midnight on the Tuesday of race-week. The Commissioner will review any and all waiver submissions. You will be awarded your waiver claims on the following Wednesday.

If two teams lay claim to the same driver, a tiebreaker will be determined by whomever is lower in the standings, will be awarded the driver. If the two teams are tied in the standings, it will be whomever has the lower total number of points.


At any point during the season a trade can be proposed to another manager(s). Trades will be reviewed by the Board and will be voted upon by the league. All trades will have a two (2) day waiting period. Thus, the latest a trade can be entered and completed in the same week would be Friday.

Once a trade is approved, the Board will make the adjustments to the rosters, and will update the site to reflect said changes. All current rosters will be kept up to date on the DFFL site by the Board.

League Setup

Board of Directors

Zachary Miller – League Commissioner

Michael Shontz – President of League Operations

Patrick Miller – Chief Strategy Officer


Scoring will be set up the same way that the NASCAR season is ran. For each manager’s team will receive the point totals for which their starting driver’s are awarded by NASCAR. This includes not only points for where they finish, but also includes bonus points (laps lead, pole, etc.) Below is an example scoresheet from Homestead last season using the mock lineup from earlier:

Starter 1. #4 Kevin Harvick – Finished 2nd; 42 points

Starter 2. #41 Kurt Busch – Finished 8th; 36 points

Starter 3. #16 Greg Biffle – Finished 15th; 16 points

Starter 4. #13 Casey Mears – Finished 42nd; 2 points

Bench 1. #10 Danica Patrick – Finished 24th; 20 points; not started, no points awarded

Total points for week: 96 points

The Commissioner will keep the points for the season, and each week will update the standings. The Standings will be posted on the DFFL site no later than the Monday after the conclusion of that week’s race.

Chase for the Cup

Similar to the NASCAR Chase format, there will be eight (8) weeks for the fNASCAR Chase. Each week, the low-man on points will be eliminated. This will continue over the last eight weeks of the season, culminating in a head-to-head matchup of the last two (2) remaining teams. The season’s final race at Homestead will mark the fNASCAR Championship. The team with the highest point total for the final race will be crowned fNASCAR Champion.

Tiebreaker #1: Team with highest season point total.

Tiebreaker #2: Team with highest point total from Daytona 500.

Tiebreaker #3: Team with better DFFL Fantasy Football record.


League dues for the 2016 season will be $25. That brings the total 2016 fNASCAR pot to $200.

Dues will be need to paid before the start of the season. The Daytona 500 marks the start of the 2016 season, February 21st. We will establish one party to collect all dues, and hold for safe-keeping, likely a member of the Board.


Once the 2016 fNASCAR Champion has been crowned, the payouts will be immediately distributed. The aforementioned dues will be $20, as such, the below payout structure will be used:

8 Managers x $25 dues = $200 pot

Option 1:

First Place: $175

Second Place: $25

Option 2:

First Place: $200

Second Place: $0


At the conclusion of the season, each manager will have the option of keeping one (1) driver for the 2017 season. That driver can be selected any time prior to the 2017 fNASCAR Draft, and must be submitted directly to the Board, and/or submitted through the Keeper Submission Form on the DFFL site.


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