2015 DFFL Pro Bowl and Awards


The polls are closed, the ballots are in, the results tallied. Everyone has anxiously been waiting for the 1st official Pro Bowl results and individual awards, so let’s get to it.

Your 2015 DFFL Pro Bowl 1st Team:

1st Team
Position Player Votes(1st) Team
QB Tom Brady 7(6) The Donatello
WR1 Julio Jones 7(7) Willenium Force
WR2 DeAndre Hopkins 7(7) HeHateMe30
WR3 Brandon Marshall 7(4) Dead Rats Walking
RB1 Adrian Peterson 7(7) The Donatello
RB2 Devonta Freeman 7(5) Emmanuel in Space
TE Rob Gronkowski 7(5) BRUMrodKOWSKI
FLEX Todd Gurley (r) 7(4) Dead Rats Walking
K Stephen Gostkowski 7(6) BRUMrodKOWSKI
DEF Denver 7(7) The Popcorn Playas

Notes: there were 4 unanimous 1st Team selections, who are bolded. The FLEX position was determined by the player with the most votes not already included on the 1st team. 1st Team combined weekly avg. 233.80 pts.

2nd Team
Position Player Votes Team
QB Drew Brees 4(2) Willenium Force
WR1 Antonio Brown 4(3) Emmanuel in Space
WR2 Allen Robinson 7 Slob On My Cobb
WR3 Odell Beckham Jr. 5 Willenium Force
RB1 David Johnson (r) 5 The Donatello
RB2 Doug Martin 3 Emmanuel in Space
TE Gary Barnidge 5(2) Dead Rats Walking
FLEX AJ Green 3 The Popcorn Playas
K Graham Gano 5(2) Dead Rats Walking
DEF Kansas City 5(1) BRUMrodKOWSKI

Notes: Allen Robinson is the only unanimous 2nd Team selection. 2nd Team combined weekly avg. 221.06 pts.

3rd Team
Position Player Votes Team
QB Carson Palmer 4 Slob On My Cobb
WR1 Jarvis Landry 2 Willenium Force
WR2 Larry Fitzgerald 1(1) The Popcorn Playas
WR3 Doug Baldwin 1 Emmanuel in Space
RB1 Lamar Miller 1 Emmanuel in Space
RB2 Chris Ivory 1 Emmanuel in Space
TE Delanie Walker 1(1) HeHateMe30
FLEX Greg Olsen 2 The Popcorn Playas
K Robbie Gould 3 The Donatello
DEF Carolina 3 Willenium Force

Notes: Two TE set for the 3rd team. 3rd Team combined weekly avg. 195.49 pts.



And now for the individual awards, the 2015 Rookie of the Year and DFFL Most Valuable Player.

2015 DFFL Rookie of the Year
Player Votes Team
1 Todd Gurley 5 Dead Rats Walking
2 Amari Cooper 2 The Donatello
3 David Johnson 1 The Donatello


And last but definitely not least, your 2015 DFFL MVP:

Player Votes Team
1 Tom Brady 5 The Donatello
2 Antonio Brown 2 Emmanuel in Space
3 Drew Brees 1 Willenium Force



Thanks for participating!


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