Week 2: Weekly Roundup

From all of us in DFFL, Congratulations, Zach and Chels!

Week 2 of the DFFL Season brought with it a little something extra with the league’s main proprietor, Zachary J. Miller, tying the knot this past weekend in Lexington. All 8 members of the DFFL were able to attend, and that’s really all that matters. Zachary is off this week honeymooning in Key West with Chels, so I will be filling in and doing a condensed version. Here’s to him coming home to a full work week and an 0-3 fantasy team!




Week Two. This has been the strangest start to a fantasy football season that I can ever recall. The QB position is looking volatile, WR’s are going bonkers, RB’s are non existent and getting outscored by TE’s. Hopefully things start settling in soon or else I don’t know what the fuck this season has in store. Let’s take a look at this past week’s matchups, and some of the highlights:

Emmanuel in Space (244.01) vs. Whitner Is Coming (191.61)

Quite the bounce back effort from the only married man in the league. After a brutal Week 1 devastated Whitner’s roster, they went out and put up a very respectable 190+ spot against arguably the most gay and hated manager in the league, GTG. Big Gay Ben and Grant’s gay receivers were just too much to overcome, and no garbage time points were necessary this week as GTG moves to 2-0 on the young season.

Willenium Force (195.55) vs. The Donatello (188.18)

Week 2’s premier matchup did not fail to live up to expectations with both managers marginally exceeding their projected point totals. TB12 had a historic day, while Jeremy Hill and Keenan decided to combine for -0.30 points wasting what was otherwise a decent outing. Will’s lucky fortunes continued this week as he pulled off yet again the closest victory of the week, but I know he isn’t complaining. Brees’ situation will need to be monitored, but those WRs are going to be tough to beat week in and week out. Let’s hope for some regression.

The Popcorn Playa$ (171.15) vs. Razzy’s Rat Gang (108.39)

Rat’s Year of Infinite Pain picked up right where it left off last week yet again in Week 2. Romo put up 25 points before breaking his clavicle or something, doesn’t really matter as he’s out 6-8 weeks. Jimmy Graham put up 2 points and is already very unhappy with his newfound blocking role in Seattle. Hang in there, Rat. Meanwhile, Curlis went out and put up another meh 170+ spot to secure his first victory of the season. I don’t think 38 Larry Fitzgerald points will be part of the #gameplan very often going forward.


AhmadBRUMrod (230.53) vs. HeHateMe30 (124.02)

Not sure which thing Patrick is more happy to be finished with, his Best Man speech, or Week 2 in DFFL. He can say he killed the speech, Week 2 in DFFL, not so much. It wouldn’t have mattered much either way for young Patrick this week as Bobbi Brumshaw surprised everyone, including himself, by throwing up 230+ points. 59 special teams points will do that for you. Brum’s team maybe isn’t quite as terrible as previously thought, but it’s still not good.


waiver wire


The Waiver Wire is still pretty nasty this early in the season without many injuries and whatnot. The pickings are slim and nobody is really acquiring anything right now besides depth. Nobody added more depth in Week 2 than Willenium Force by adding 5(!) new Free Agents. Enjoy swimming in your newfound depth, Will.


In this section we will be tracking each team’s points by position, both total and weekly average. Pretty simple and straight forward, but a good indicator of where you stand relative to the rest of the league at each position. I’m sure plenty of people will be appreciating this section come trade deadline time.

2015 Season Points Breakdown

2015 Weekly Points Breakdown





With yet another disgusting fantasy football week in the books, we’ll look ahead to what Week 3 has in store:

#1 Emmanuel in Space (2-0)  vs. #6 HeHateMe30 (1-1)

GTG is coming off back to back huge weeks, which is usually unsustainable 3 weeks straight. Patrick is coming off an abomination of a Week 2. The GTG Steelers are on the road in StL which could give them some troubles. Luck is due for his first good game of the season. I think this one is closer than projected, but Pat will have to find a few extra points somewhere to pull off the victory.

#2 Willenium Force (2-0)  vs. #5 The Popcorn Playas (1-1)

Will is riding high after two close, high scoring matchups to begin the season. Are they due for a Week 3 letdown? Curlis has been steady thus far with back to back 170+ pt weeks and is favored based on projected points. Is Brees his normal self and can Will’s WRs continue their torrid pace? Can Curlis break through the 170 pt ceiling? A lot of questions will be answered this weekend for both squads.

#3 The Donatello (1-1)  vs. #8 Razzy’s Rat Gang (0-2)

If you were to ask me which team gets upset this week, my answer would be my own squad. Then you would ask me what in the fuck I am talking about, and not so politely remind me I’m facing the Rat Gang. Well, we’re playing fantasy football and stranger things have happened. Rat has to win to keep any semblance of hope for this season alive. Too much karma, ugly numbers, and bad matchups to feel confident about this one.

#4 AhmadBRUMrod (1-1)  vs. #7 Whitner Is Coming (0-2)

Week 3 and it’s already must win time for the eldest Miller brother. Pick up a win this week and maybe the season is salvageable with a move or two, drop this one and the fire sale is that much closer to occurring. Ty has an advantage at just about every position heading into this one, but maybe Zach can summon up one last bit of wedding magic and pull off the upset. The loser of this one will not be happy.


Good luck to all this week. Except, Rat.


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