Game of the Week: Week 2

After last weeks rousing GotW post, I thought that I’d add a little something to the article this, by adding a “Shame of the Week” from the previous week.

The “Shame of the Week” can be anything from typical fantasy misfortune, impact injuries, or just a way for me to trash someone’s squad for making a HORRIBLE managerial decision.

For Week 1, the biggest issue that seemed to stick out to me was rookies that aren’t quite ready.  We know the learning curve in the NFL is steep and most players never reach star status but of the major picks this season, most were only moderately productive.

That being said, the two most productive non-QB rookies, will be well rested because they had their asses firmly planted on their teams bench. Tyler Lockett of Whitner is Coming and Ameer Abdullah of The Popcorn Playas were riding the pine in Week 1 and were the only non-QB Rookies to score in double digits.

It’s not complete misfortune until some of them become genuine busts and people refuse to accept it and still draft them. #CJSpiller

Now on to our Game of the Week for Week 2.

My choice for GotW for Week 1 was strictly because of the GTG and Triple T rivalry that’s been created but no garbage time was need to whoop Ty’s ass. In fact, according to the points I really only needed a QB, WR’s, TE, and a K to win, but my less than stellar Flex guy would’ve done the job too. Stop worrying about garbage time and start worrying about starting Duke Johnson.

The clear, and only, choice for the Game of the Week for this week is Shontz v. Will. Both teams are 1-0 and come off wins against lackluster opponents.  Whoever gets to 2-0 this week can set themselves up for a strong campaign while the other falls back with the pack.  It might be early but at the end of the season, they all count the same.

Will brings some serious heat into this match up in the wide receiver category.  No one in the DFFL dominates a single position the way Willenium Force does with the wide outs. Seriously, his worst healthy WR is Michael Floyd. That’s not a bad guy to have on your roster that will never see the field, barring injury or BYE weeks.

If there is anyone that is close to having starters as good as Anderson Mgr, it’s Shontz. He sports Calvin, who wildly underproduced in Week 1, the next big thing in Amari Cooper, and “Holy shit he had 15 catches?” Keenan Allen. They’re all workhorses for their respective clubs but for Shontz, the overall depth isn’t there.

WR Advantage: Will +8

While there’s a depth in WR’s, there’s a lack of RB talent for Willenium Force.  I liked what I saw from Tevin Coleman in primetime but he simply didn’t get enough touches to be a stand out talent, fantasy wise.  If he can take the ball out of Devonte Freeman’s hands, he could do big things. Mark Ingram has become a pass catcher out of the back field…but he catches a shit ton of passes. His value would be limited if it weren’t for the tosses from Brees and that plays two fold for Will because he also has Drew at QB.

I expected Adrian Peterson to come out and set the world on fire on Monday night but he did nothing to give me confidence in that.  He seemed anxious to get to the hole and ran up the backs of his offensive line a bunch.  He’s gonna have to step back and become his old self to help throw some serious points on the board for Shontz.  Jeremy Hill is clearly the bell cow for Cincinnati and The Donatello will reap the benefits for years to come. Hill’s a big back that gets redzone carries and will also see the early downs elsewhere on the field.  When you have a ginger for QB, nothing is safer than having a good RB to take the ball out of his soulless hands.

RB Advantage: Shontz between +6 and +15

Quarterback is an interesting position for both teams because Mike seems to be playing the match-up game with Eli Manning and Tom Brady, while Will is riding Drew Brees until his arm, or weird facial birthmark-thing, fall off.  It’s possible that Will could fall back on Jay Cutler or JFF but…who am I kidding here, it’s Brees until the end.

In 3-4 weeks I’d support Shontz’s choice to play the match-up game but it’s pretty early on in the season and defenses have yet to define themselves so it can be a total crap shoot. We’ve all seen Eli Manning go into a big game and toss 4 picks and blow a game by himself.

QB Advantage: Will +7,

(Note: If Shontz plays Brady, it’s a push.)

After last weeks loss to KC, I have zero faith in the Houston defense, in spite of the fact that they’re playing Carolina in Week 2. Alex Smith torched them and he has hands the size of Rasmussen’s.  He probably can’t palm a baseball. Speaking of defenses, Shontz had Miami against Washington. Basing anyone’s talent level off of their performance against the Washington Redskins is both horrible logic and a complete waste of time.

Defensive Advantage: Push…a gross, awful push.

Tight End is a clear advantage for Mike. Bennett is a proven pass catcher but can be streaky especially if Jay Cutler is pissy because his game day waffles don’t get enough syrup on them like every other 4 year old in the world.

I don’t really have much to say about Larry Donnell, other than, he has a sweet last name (Go Atoms), Shontz playing Eli could be self-defeating if Donnell has a big game, and he scored more TD’s against me in a game than he did in college and I still hate him for that.

TE Advantage: Shontz +6

The kickers…ahhhh fuck kickers.

K Advantage: A world without kickers

This match up will be won and lost by QB’s and WR’s. Will has an advantage in both at the current time but Peterson and Hill can keep it close for Shontz, if they find pay dirt.  The deciding factor will be Jordan Matthews having a better game than all of Shontz’s WRs.

Final Prediction: 199.35-187.76 Willenium Force


Garbage Time Grant

Defending Champion



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