DFFL 2015 Over/Under Predictions

Good morning, DFFL. Today marks the eve of the 2015 NFL season. Tomorrow the Shittsburgh Squeelers will face off against the New England Cheaters. Obviously all the excitement that’s been leading up to the 2015 season culminates tomorrow night, as we finally get under way. We’ve been keeping tabs on the offseason, see:¬†here, here, here, and here. And before we let this thing rip, let’s take a final peek at what to expect form the 2015 campaign.

Behold, the official DFFL Over/Under Projections:

Team 2014 Record 2014 Pts For 2015 O/U Wins 2015 O/U Pts
Emmanuel In Space 7-7 2740.96 9.0 2700.00
Willenium Force 9-5 2565.16 7.5 2550.00
Whitner Is Coming 9-5 2663.76 8.5 2650.00
HeHateMe30 9-5 2509.80 6.5 2525.00
The Donatello 7-7 2610.23 8.5 2650.00
The Popcorn Playa$ 7-7 2512.51 7.5 2550.00
AhmadBRUMrod 6-8 2593.32 5.5 2600.00
Razzy’s Rat Gang 2-12 2502.47 4.5 2525.00

h/t to Donald Nogger for assisting with the projections and O/U’s.

What do you all think, fair assessment of what’s to cum? Vote on it in the form below, and we’ll check back after the season to see how wrong everyone¬†was. Also, if you’re not hammering the under on Brumrod, you’re doing life wrong.


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