2015 #DraftDay Timeline

Last week was the 2015 DFFL Draft. It was a great night for the league, from what I can remember, bourbon did me dirty. We’ll get to the Draft review in a bit, but let’s first take a look at the events leading up to the Draft. Below, is the #DraftDay timeline, as recalled via DFFL GroupMe.

7:00 AM – #BRUMROD15′

8:00 am – Rat informs the league that he “Watched Draft Day last night. Y’all are fucked”

8:25 AM – Miller dirtily offers Rat Isaiah Crowell as insurance for Terrance West, Rat informs Miller West was not kept.

8:38 AM – Curlis offers up Rodgers for the first time of the day, primarily tags Brum.

8:50 AM – Brum softly offers up Jamaal Charles for Rodgers.

8:51 AM – Brum offers Zach Davante Adams for Kelce, Millers ponders.

8:56 AM – Curlis offers Brum Rodgers for D. Thomas and the #2 pick, Brum declines.

9:03 AM – Curlis offer Brum Rodgers for Maclin and the #3, to which Brum is ridiculed for if he doesn’t accept.

9:10 AM – Zach is still desperately trying to get back into the 2nd round, lol

9:16 AM – Rat is ridiculed for trading Eddie Lacy.

9:22 AM – Curlis offers Zach DeMarco and the #10 pick for A.J. Green.

9:41 AM – After more deliberation Zach accepts Curlis’ offer.

9:43 AM – Curlis goes to bed.

12:15 PM – Shontz reveals trade with Rat of Romo, Ellington, Jimmy G. for the #1 pick, the #9 pick and Martellus Bennett.

12:15-12:30 PM – Rat is ridiculed for trade.

12:33 PM – Shontz unofficially officially selects Amari Cooper with the newly acquired #1 pick.

2:55 PM – Will informs the league of Top-15 WR Martavis Bryant’s 4 game suspension for smoking crack.

2:56 PM – Rat figures out he’ll have one starting WR for Week 1 prior to the draft.

3:32 PM – Curlis reminds Brum that Rodgers is still out there.

3:32 PM – Again he offers Rodgers for Maclin and the #3 pick.

3:33 PM – Brum considers.

3:34 PM – Rat offers Brum Romo for Davante and the #3 pick

3:37 PM – Pat offers Brum Matt Ryan for Jamaal Charles

4:00 PM – Brum agrees to Curlis’ offer for Rodgers.

4:04 PM – Rat gauges Will’s interest in the #4 pick.

4:12 PM – Curlis offers #2 & #3 for T.Y. – no one sure if serious or not.

4:15 PM – Will offers Curlis Julio for #2/#3.

4:16 PM – Rat offers Josh Gordon up for #2/#3 – probably was serious.

4:17 PM – Curlis offers Miller #2/#3 for Dex – promptly declined.

4:18 PM – Will revises offer, adds 2nd rounder with Julio for Curlis’ picks.

4:22 PM – Will revises again, adds his 2016 1st rounder to the mix – f’ing sicko.

4:27 PM – Will reiterates offer to Curlis – instructs him to “SIGN IT”

6:40 PM – Rat starts talking about Madden again – no one cares.

6:52 PM – Curlis finally declines Will’s offer.

Have yourself a DAY, DFFL.


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