2015 DFFL Draft Review & Grades

Earlier tonight we took a peek at the #DraftDay Timeline, which should help get you ready for the official Draft Day Review & Grades. So, without further ado, let’s get this party started.

The Donatello
  1. (1) Amari Cooper (Oak – WR) – The Don made the move for the first pick with Rat and he his sights set on one player only, Cooper. Solid pick, as he’s clearly the best rook WR prospect (right now). He’s looked great in the preseason, and looks like he could easily be a WR1 for years to come. Grade: A+
2. (9) Eli Manning (NYG – QB) – Traded Romo in the deal with Rat that netted the #1 pick, and was left with just TB12 at the QB slot. Given the #Deflategate situation, this is a solid pick, Eli could be a top-10 QB this year. Grade: A-
2. (12) Steve Smith Sr. (Bal – WR) – Shontz went rook #1 with high upside, then safe-proven with his second pick, and did the same with his third pick in selecting SSSr. Could be a top-30ish WR, maybe. Wasn’t much else there at the time. Grade: B

The Donatello had a pretty strong draft. It was nothing earth-shattering, but a steady draft that added some quality pieces. Cooper is the top-flight WR this team can hang onto for years to come.

Eli Manning and SSSr. are proven vets that will log some run. Manning could easily sneak into a top-15/10-ish QB by the end of the season. And SSSr. is a gar-bage pick, but could be a WR this team will rely upon.

Shontzie added a few WR’s, and rightfully so given the trio of Peterson, Hill and Forsett that he kept. The loss of Jordy certainly hurts, but this team looked to compete for the Playoffs before the draft, and looks that way even more now.

Overall Draft Grade: A-

The Popcorn Playas
  1. (2) Melvin Gordon (SD – RB) – Curlis made the move for the #2 overall pick by shipping the best QB in the league to TyBRUMshaw. That may be a head-scratcher given what he got back, but that did net him the #2 overall pick, which he then turned into Melvin Gordon. The rookie running back looks to be the most polished of the rookie RB’s drafted, and one that will not only have an immediate impact this year, but for years to come. Grade: A
  1. (3) Ameer Abdullah (Det – RB) – Everyone’s favorite fantasy draft-darling was being eyed by most everyone in the first round, hoping he’d slip. Curlis made sure that he didn’t slip to anyone else, and took him #3 overall. Detroit hasn’t had a good running back for the better part of two decades, but Abdullah hopes to change that. I like Abdullah, but the Lions’ RB situation is a little muddy, looking like there may be some running-back-by-committee to start the year. If Ameer can take hold of the job, this could be a great pick as it has tons of upside. Grade: B+

The Playas’ draft can be summed up in two words: TWO KICKERS. Yes, Curlis took two kickers, “an indoor and an outdoor” kicker. Unbelievable.

Curlis shipped the #10 overall pick and DeMarco Murray over to Miller in a deal that netted him A.J. Green. However, the deal he struck with Brumbaugh allowed him to actually move up in the draft to #2. With his newly acquired second first-round pick, Curlis selected Melvin Gordon #2 overall, followed by Ameer Abdullah #3 overall. Getting a pair of quality rookie RB’s is a solid move for the Playas.

In the mid-rounds, Curlis added Eddie Royal – whose value is inflated now due to Kevin White’s inability to walk at the present. He also added Sam Bradford, which could be a decent pickup if he remains healthy (which he won’t). Curlis may be high (both figuratively, and literally) on Ryan Tannehill, but one can’t help but look at these QB’s on this roster and see major question marks. Tannehill could be huge, or he could suck. Bradford could be awesome, or he could tear both knees, again. And Foles, well, Foles will still suck. The Popcorn Playas look to be a squad that could contend for the Playoffs, but for now, I’m guessing this team will be totally mid-table.

Overall Draft Grade: B+

Razzy’s Rat Gang
  1. (4) Todd Gurley (StL – RB) – Gurley may end up being the best back from this rookie class, but he’s just nine months removed from ACL surgery. He could possibly be ready week 1, but that’s not a given at this point. Obviously this isn’t a pick just for this year, but it remains to be seen what his NFL-impact will be. Could be a huge pickup, but there’s no telling right now. Grade: B
  1. (6) DeVante Parker (Mia – WR) – Was once expected to be ready to go for week 1, but it’s looking like that is less and less likely. High-upside pick, but comes into the league with an injury already. Sort of an incomplete right now, but could be a really nice WR1 down the line. Grade: B-

Christ, where do we start? Rat started his draft day out with yet another trade that ends in bewilderment. Rat moved his #1 and #9 picks, and Martellus Bennett for Romo, Ellington, and Jimmy Graham. The essence of that trade isn’t terrible, but it’s Rat, so it’ll end up being terrible.

When you look at what Rat did on Draft Day, it’s actually not awful. He traded the first overall pick, and his second round pick, for 3 not-terrible players. He then followed that up with two high-upside picks in the first round.

The rest of the Rat Gang’s draft was butt. Over-drafted Seattle’s D, and then took Percy Harvin – who I swear to God, I didn’t realize was still in the league. There weren’t enough draft picks in the world to save this team. Even freaking Yahoo! is trolling Rat now, I’ll leave it with their recap:

“With the fourth pick in the draft, Razzy’s Rat Gang selects: Tim Tebow.” OK maybe it wasn’t that bad, but it might as well have been.

Overall Draft Grade: D-

  1. (5) T.J. Yeldon (Jax – RB) – IMO, this is a great pick. Lots of people saw Yeldon’s situation as a little murky given the Jags have Denard Robinson and Toby Gerhart in the fold at RB already, however it’ll be only a matter of time before Yeldon squarely plants himself as the #1 back in Jacksonville. He’s a versatile back, and will be asked to shoulder a pretty good load, early. There was a drive in the Jags’ 3rd preseason game where Denard handled most of the carries of the drive, but Yeldon was planted in to vulture a TD – those types of plays further indicate this is a solid pick. Grade: A
2. (13) Delanie Walker (Ten – TE) – This is a pick that falls under the BPA moniker. Walker is a nice player, a fringe TE1. With only Kyle Rudolph (gross) and Jared Cooke (grosser) on HeHateMe’s roster pre-Draft, taking a better TE in the draft makes sense. Patrick went on post-Draft to upgrade TE even further, adding Dwayne Allen. Still, grading just this pick, it’s not sexy. Grade: C

Not sure how, but Patrick was able to nab three high-upside rookie WR’s. He took Dorial Green-Beckham, Kevin White, and Jaelen Strong. Now, not all will be high-impact in their rookie campaigns (however, I’m bullish on DGB this year), but their value for the long-run is undeniable. Getting Strong in the 10th round, #77 overall could be the steal of the draft – not sure why everyone is so down on him – and Yahoo HATES him.

Overall Young Patrick did a good job. The aforementioned rookie corps of receivers was the best haul of the Draft for him. Adding Delanie Walker certainly helped a nasty TE corps, and adding Dwayne Allen via trade took it a step further.

Brian Quick and Alfred Blue in the mid-rounds were kinda sorta weird picks. Not a ton of value there, especially given who was available at the time. If HeHateMe could’ve cleaned these up a little, he may have had one of the nicest drafts.

Overall Draft Grade: B+

Willenium Force
  1. (7) Tevin Coleman (Atl – RB) – Coleman may have the highest upside of any RB in Atlanta, but the problem is he’s way behind the 8-ball due to an injury that’s cost him most of the preseason. Devonta Freeman looks to start the season in the Falcons’ backfield, with Coleman seeing more carries as the season progresses. At #7 overall this is a pretty decent reach, but for a team that’s in dire need of RB’s, it makes sense – just don’t expect much from him early. Grade: C-
2. (15) David Cobb (Ten – RB) – Well, there’s not a lot to say on this one. Cobb is now in a walking-boot, and looks like he won’t open week 1 on the active list. I like his upside, but Bishop Sankey has looked pretty solid, and will likely start week 1 as the dude in Tennessee. Cobb is a high-upside player – and has value certainly for the future – but at #15 overall, this is nothing more than a RB-needy team reaching, again. Grade: D

The Force was not strong with Will in the first half of the Draft. Will drew an unfavorable drafting position of #7. There is one GLARING hole in Willenium Force’s team, and that’s running back. It was pretty known that the top RB’s were going to be gone by the time Will drafted at #7. Will stuck to the plan however, and went RB-RB at #7 and #15. Unfortunately, he took Tevin Coleman and David Cobb with those picks, neither of which is expected to hit the ground running early on.

If Larry Fitzgerald goes down, or John Brown doesn’t blow up like he’s supposed to, then the Michael Floyd pick is a pretty solid 3rd-round pick. The second-half of Will’s draft he went safer picks, and that really will aid in his team’s depth. The Force added some aging vets in Reggie Bush, Dwayne Bowe, and Reggie Wayne towards the end. No telling what any of those guys will do this year, but at least they’re known names? Also, Chris Polk was taken at RB, so we’re there..

Overall Draft Grade: D+

Whitner Is Coming
  1. (8) Nelson Agholor (Phi – WR) – I can only imagine how giddy Zachary was on Draft Night when Nelson fell to him at #8. As discussed below, making a move via trade to fill the gap at RB allowed him to sit back and wait out the RB run and select what could turn out to be one of the best rookies in the league. Grade: A+
2. (10) Devin Funchess (Car – WR) – Zachary’s trade also allowed him back into the 2nd round which he desperately needed. Being a Michigan fan, I’m pretty bearish on Funchess as an NFL WR, but there is no questioning the potential and given how the draft played out, this is a very good pick. Kelvin going down suddenly thrusts Funchess into the spotlight as Cam’s #1 WR. What he does with the opportunity remains to be seen. Grade: A


Zachary was one of the first to fall victim to the preseason injury bug with Arian Foster’s groin seemingly disintegrating into ether and possibly missing up to half the season (he’s now projected to miss just 2-4 weeks), so he was forced to fill the sudden void at RB via trade. He found a suitor in Curlis, and worked out a deal for DeMarco Murray and the 10th pick while giving up AJ Green in the process.

Losing AJ broke up what was arguably the best WR trio in the league, so naturally Zach took two of the best rookie WR prospects in the draft. Peyton has turned into a White Walker Zombie, Stafford might be handing the football off more than throwing it to the other team, so he continued to load up at the QB spot with Carson in the 3rd, which is a nice pick.

Whitner is Coming doesn’t have many other holes in the lineup so by the 4th round he began adding both veterans and rookies alike to help add some depth. It’s well known that the bourbon had already done it’s job by this point so it started to get pretty nasty from the 5th on. Still a very solid job acquiring some top flight young talent and some veterans to add depth.

Overall Draft Grade: A-

2. (11) Roddy White (Atl – WR) – Auto-drafted by Yahoo in the most amazing way possible. Grade: A+++

LOL, where should I start?

First, BRUMrod made a Draft Day trade that’ll go down as one of the sketchiest trades in DFFL history, rivaling the Miller/Rat trade of 2014. He FLEECED Curlis to get the best QB in the league, shipping Jeremy Maclin and the #2 overall pick for Aaron Rodgers. That’s unbelievable. So, that needs to be stated prior to the review cause that’s great work.

From there? It got ugly, in a hurry. Brumbaugh shows up ready to roll in the Google hangout, and then bails to go get his computer charger he forgot (reet), only to be late and miss his pick by seconds. Before the Draft I wrote in my preview that Brum was “guaranteed to draft Roddy White”, which, at the time, was like 97% a joke. But, alas, here we are with Yahoo auto-drafting Roddy for him. Life is a beautiful thing.

So, with Brum’s first-rounder shipped to Curlis, and his second-rounder auto-picked by Yahoo, what is one to do? Fuck the rest of the draft up, naturally.

Swear to God, of the seemingly 35 people Ty drafted, I maybe want one or two on my roster. And one of those is his kicker, Gostkowski. I won’t continue to bash this draft, because, well, it’s just mean to pile on at this point.

Overall Draft Grade: F

Emmanuel in Space
2. (14) Chris Ivory (NYJ – RB) – Deppen was already set at RB with Shady, Le’Veon Bell, and Lamar Miller leading the charge. So, adding Ivory (who I happen to really, really like) was just insurance, and added depth. Solid pick. Grade: A
2. (16) Pierre Garcon (Was – WR) – Never trust a man named Pierre. Washington’s QB situation is becoming laughable at this point, and that’s said by a Browns fan! Regardless of who is under center, they’ll likely be throwing Garcon’s way, and he’ll likely lead them in targets. There may have been some higher upside players on the board, but Deppen elected to go with the vet with this pick. Not a sexy pick, but not awful. Grade: B-

Deppen is going to bitch and moan about the draft format being changed from snake to non-snake for the rest of eternity. We’ll be sitting at a card table in Naples dealing 5-card stud on a Tuesday steak night at the Elk’s Club, and he’ll bring up the 2015 DFFL Draft when “he got screwed.”

Emmanuel was left without a first-round pick this year. He shipped it to me in a trade that involved a bunch of dirtbags, and then I subsequently traded my pick to Rat in #ManningGate. Thus, I held Deppen’s first-rounder this year, and he in turn, had my second-rounder. Got it?

Honestly, Space’s team doesn’t have a ton of holes, so two second-round picks afforded him the opportunity to go BPA, and not have to worry too much. Nabbing Ivory and Garcon in the second round is pretty decent.

Deppen then continued his quality drafting, adding some really strong players, both of the high-upside-project types, and the veteran-proven types. It pains me to say it, but the 2014 champ may have had the best draft in the league. Scooter may be dead, but his team lives on strong.

Overall Draft Grade: A


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