2015 DFFL Mock Draft v1.0

With the combination of the completion of the 2015 NFL Draft, and Yahoo! Fantasy Sports opening their Fantasy Football league pages, we can finally get down to the important things in life, such as the first version of the 2015 DFFL Mock Draft. My colleague, Zach Mayock Miller, and myself have assembled what we believe to be the most comprehensive, analytically, statistically accurate Mock Draft ever created, at least until Version 1.5 is released. We projected each managers’ keepers, ranked and graded the rookies and free agents together to form a Big Board, and then mock drafted the first 4 rounds based upon draft position and team needs. Keep in mind this is for fun and entertainment purposes, but it also gives everyone an idea of what to possibly expect come mid to late August when the 2015 DFFL Draft rolls around. Enjoy, feel free to leave comments, or discuss in DFFLGM, and also take the poll to determine who had the best Mock Draft.



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